How do I join the waitlist?

By completing the online waitlist form which you can find by clicking here.

Are there places available at your Centres?

Most of our Centre’s are at capacity and positions are only offered to families on our waitlist. It is advisable to join the waitlist as early as you can.

Can I visit your Centre before I join the waitlist?

Yes. We ask that you make an appointment to visit any of our Centre’s. For a full list of our locations and their contact details, click here.

Is my waiting list payment secure? 

Yes. We use paypal secure payment gateway to process your deposit payments.


Will the waitlist fee be refunded if I do not get offered a position?

The waitlist fee is non-refundable. There is considerable administration that goes towards maintaining a waitlist. We are constantly working on keeping the list accurate by contacting families regularly to update their preferences.

How long is the waiting list?

Waiting times vary considerably. We are required to follow Priority of Access Guidelines set by the Australian Government. Positions will be filled from applications received and placements will be offered in accordance with these guidelines. Vacancies do occur throughout the year, however, the majority of placements are made around October each year for the following year. Our admin team will contact you if a suitable vacancy arises.