Starting at Lighthouse

For most children joining our centre, this will be their first experience away from their parents. This is why attending orientation is so important as children can familiarise themselves with the security and presence of their parents. This is equally important for our staff and families to work together and build a relationship for successful transition.

To ensure the best results from orientation: 

  • Prepare your child beforehand by talking to them about all the new friends they will make and fun activities they will do at care

  • Empower your children by giving them the ownership to choose their own bag, hat, and water bottle. This is a great way to get them involved 

  • Arrange one or two orientation visits, approximately 30 to 60 minutes at a time to familiarise your child with the new surroundings and routines

  • Encourage your child to interact with other children and explore the centre’s facilities

  • Complete the Lighthouse child profile form and feel free to discuss this information with our educators to enhance your child’s experience in an unfamiliar place