Our Programs

Our Lighthouse tailored programs are designed with your child in mind to encompass wholesome learning. Our school readiness program incorporates the Macquarie University PreLit program which is skill-based, early literacy preparation program designed to complement your child's play-based learning, which in turn provides your child with a solid foundation for future learning. 

Fun 'n Fit 

Our Fit & Fun program focuses on the building children’s gross motor skills, balance and spatial awareness. Physical activity is an important part of children’s development, which is why we employ trained yoga and fitness instructors to teach children basic exercise concepts.





Music sparks creativity and is an expression of joy. Our music program is an opportunity for children to experiment with sounds and singing songs that help them practice word pronunciation and develop better listening skills.




Jnr Master Chef       

Cooking offers children a range of learning experiences, it’s has many positive outcomes and enhances communication whilst also developing basic science and math concepts. Our cooking classes teach children the importance of healthy eating and living! 






Children learn responsibility by taking care of our precious environment with our reduce, reuse and recycle program. Our educators teach children how to care for our environment and learn where fresh food comes from by planting fruit and vegetables that is used in our delicious menu. Planting exposes children to touch the different textures of our plants, taste them in our meals, smell their aromas and witness beautiful bright colours. 





Early exposure to a secondary language has a powerful effect on children’s brains. Learning another language enhances cognitive development and helps children with their reading skills.